Affordable electric vehicle project: Fisker PEAR

Affordable electric vehicle project: Fisker PEAR

Introducing the Ocean model, its Tesla Model Y rival, last year Fisker, PEAR introduced the affordable electric vehicle project named Luxury car manufacturer, recently Foxconn announced an agreement with.

Home ucuz home premium: Fisker PEAR

Foxconn, which comes to the agenda with Apple Car, is preparing for the production of electric vehicles. The company, which announced that it has reached an agreement with Fisker, In 2023 will start production. Among the disclosed data per year 250 bin There is also a production target.

Fisker CEO’su Henrik Fisker, In his post on Twitter, “Premium electric vehicle with unprecedented features Under 30 thousand dollars it will be. I’m excited to be working with Foxconn. Imagine a vehicle for under $ 22,500 with a US federal tax incentive. We need to keep our silence until 2023. ”Used expressions.

Affordable electric vehicle: Fisker Pear

Explaining that he gave instructions for the acceleration of the project, Fisker underlined that they continue to work to produce a cheap and premium electric vehicle. Speaking about the team, Fisker said, “We are moving rapidly to grow the special team working on the PEAR Project with Foxconn. ” said.

Fisker for the Ocean model approx. 14 bin announced that they received the order. The model, which will be produced by Magna Steyer, will be sold in the European and North American markets. Ocean model starting price $ 37,499 was determined.

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