A popular Warzone statistics site is shutting down

A popular Warzone statistics site is shutting down

Keeping statistics in the games is a good thing for the players. Many online games do this in their own right. But when you want more detailed statistics, you have to use third parties. A popular Call of Duty Warzone statistics site SBMM Warzoneone of those popular third parties.

Activision requests closure of SBMM Warzone statistics site

A popular and used by many gamers Call of Duty Warzone statistics site the one SBMM Warzone shutting down. Lawyers representing Activision on the Belgium-based website Monday, March 29 issued an order for its closure. The developers of the website are asking Activision to find a solution Tweet announced their upcoming closure with.

According to the order of SBMM Warzone SBMM WarzoneViolated Activision’s API terms of use. In addition to this stated situation, SBMM Warzone, European union and United States of Americaviolated the copyright of Activision as well as the privacy laws in. The developers of the site contacted Activision to find a solution, but they did not get a response. One of the developers of the site Eurogamer“We want to be able to talk to them. We believe there is a lot we can add to this community. ” said.

SBMM Warzoneon the chosen platform, Call of Duty Warzone a site where you can find the statistics of the player. By selecting the username and platform of a player whose statistics you want to find, you can access all the statistics of that player. The site also has a premium subscription service. no adsView full match history, progress tracking and features such as statistics refresh every 5 minutes. Finally, if SBMM Warzone If closed, it will issue a refund to subscribers.

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